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2024 Winter Netball Players Wanted

Registrations for 2024 winter competition are now open.  

Please contact or if you are interested in registering.

For junior players who still have a 2023 Active Kids Voucher, these can be used to register for 2024 if you register prior to 31st January 2024.  

Registrations will be taken online via Play HQ – if you wish to use your Active Kids Voucher, please make sure you have this number prior to registering (enter it using the ‘government voucher’ link on the payment page). Links to register are below. Parents – please create an account in your own name and then you will be able to register your child. 

Fees for 2024:

NetSetGO turning 6-9 years in 2024 – $195.00*   Click here to register

Juniors turning 10-17 years in 2024 – $245.00*^ Click here to register

Seniors 17 and over – $280.00* Click here to register

* Please note an additional 1.49% service fee will be applied (by playHQ) at the checkout.

^ Active kids vouchers:  Please note that if you do not use or add your AKV at the time of registration, we cannot add it once registration is completed.    PlayHQ does not allow vouchers to be added at a later date.

Our current cancellation policy for registrations is no refunds will be made after registrations are closed.


When do we play?

Saturday Winter Competition runs from April to September each year. All games are played on Saturdays at the same time each week. Game times are not be known until a draw is released by the Eastwood Ryde Netball Association (ERNA) around March each year. However, junior teams usually have games between 8am and 12:30pm, and senior games usually beginning at 12:30pm, through to 3:30pm (start times). Please keep this in mind, particularly if you have weekend work commitments. The standard season lasts for 14 games, with 3 weeks of finals. There will be no games on certain weekends due to public holidays or school holidays and some teams may have 2 byes depending on the draw.

In 2024, the first game is Saturday 6th April with round games concluding on Saturday 3rd August.  The finals will be on 10th August, 17th August & 24th August.

Spring Night Competition runs from September to December each year.  This is available for players 11 years and over.  Games are usually played on Tuesday nights at Meadowbank Park.  This competition also includes mixed netball grades so if you’re interested please contact us. Registrations for Spring Night Competition usually take place in July each year.


Where do we play

Junior players aged 6-10 play at: Brush Farm Netball Courts Lawson Street, Eastwood, 2122

All other teams play at: Meadowbank Park Netball Courts Adelaide Street, West Ryde, 2114

Do we have training?

Coaches are allocated to all junior teams and will have training once a week. Coaches may not be allocated unless an appropriate time is nominated. All Junior players are expected to attend training each week.  Training is not compulsory for senior players, however a day and time can be arranged for any teams interested.

What are the levels of competition?

Teams are placed in the Eastwood Ryde Netball Association competition by ERNA officials based on players’ age and skill level. There are generally multiple divisions in each age group.


  • Ages 6-9: Modified competition
    Grass courts with 2.4m high goal post.
  • Aged 10:  Modified or full competition
    Hard courts with regular 3.05m goal post.
  • Ages 11-15: Graded divisions in each age group
  • Ages 16 & 17: Play together in ‘Cadets’


  • Ages 18+: Grades A to D


More Questions?

For NetSetGO or junior player enquiries, contact our junior co-ordinator:

For cadets (15-17yrs) and senior player enquiries, contact our senior co-ordinator:

For enquiries relating to how to use the Play HQ site to register, contact our registrar:

For all other enquiries, contact our president: