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Why Coaching?

Coaching is a great way to get involved and give back to the netball community. St Andrews Netball is always looking for eager, motivated and passionate people to join our group of dedicated netball coaches. The feeling of seeing your team improve their skills and develop their talent throughout the season is extremely satisfying, and we’re sure you will come back for more.

Coaches aren’t just required to teach players the rules of netball, but are needed to create a culture where all players within the team have an opportunity at success. A good coach believes in their players, and inspires and motivates them to be at their best – but most importantly to have fun while doing it!

Let’s coach

Anyone can get involved in coaching as long as they have a passion for netball and can dedicate the 2-3 hours a week required for a weekly training session and the Saturday game.

New coaches are able to draw on the support provided by our club in multiple ways:

  • Mentoring from experienced coaches
  • A variety of available courses
  • Being provided a standard set of drills and exercises to run with your team
  • And of course all coaches are put in touch with the Coaching Convenor who is there to provide any extra support you might need

Each coach will also be provided with the team kit, which contains balls, bibs, and a variety of training equipment for them to hold during the season.

Skill it up

As you become more experienced as a club coach you will be able to further your skills by undertaking the Netball Australia Foundation Coaching Course and become an official Netball Australia coach.

To get involved and become a club coach please contact our Coaching Convenor at

Accreditation Information

Upcoming Coaching Opportunities

Further details of coaching courses will be updated once released.

Please contact to indicate your interest in attending these events. The events are open to ALL current coaches and anyone interested in coaching this year or beyond!