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Our History

The St Andrews Netball Club is a newly formed club in 2016.  We were formerly known as the Epping YMCA Netball Club. The Epping YMCA Netball club had been around for 50 years before deciding to reform and expand as the St Andrews Netball Club. This was in collaboration with the Eastwood St Andrews AFC who have also opened their doors to women’s football. Together we plan to continue and build upon our legacy with the St Andrews Association; building community through sport.

St Andrews Netball Club partakes in two competitions during the year, the Winter day competition (April – September) and the Spring night competition (September – November) in the Eastwood Ryde Netball Association. We participate in three age groups NetSetGo (6-9 years), Juniors (10-17 years) and Seniors (18+ years).