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A big congratulations to all our teams in making the finals!

For those who are interested in coming down to cheer our teams on, below is the fixture for each of our amazing teams. Games will be held down at Meadowbank Netball Court, please allow yourselves plenty of time to park and make your way to the game.

A big shout out to all our managers, coaches, umpires, and supports. Without you this day can’t happen and you have all helped our teams get to this point today.

Grade Court Team v Team
11/3 22 Dundas United 12 v St Andrews 19
LOSS 24 v 15
Grade Court Team v Team
12/5 19 St Gerards 15 v St Andrews 18
WIN 10 v 34
Grade Court Team v Team
14/1 18 St Andrews 13 v St Gerards 10
LOSS 24 v 34
Grade Court Team v Team
15/4 6 St Andrews 12 v MLC 4
WIN 40 v 27
Grade Court Team v Team
B3 8 West Ryde Rovers 12 v St Andrews 4
WIN 32 v 46